Sunday, 19 February 2012

Band of the Moment #4

With our reader count soaring (3 people even said they like it!), we’re pleased to present the fourth instalment of our ‘Band of the Moment’ section which see’s us landing in Essex for the wonderful ‘Dream in Colour’.

We came across this 4 piece when we saw their city session recording of debut single, ‘Strangest Place’ (which you can see below). Instantly, we were hooked with the incredible vocals of Richard Judge, which in turn led us to their website where we would discover that when combined with Peter Judge on drums, Michael Thackeray on guitar and Steve Daniels on bass we get a band that will sure to be making serious waves in 2012.

We’re struggling here to write something that’s not already been mentioned by the amazing reviews they’ve already had, (just check out their facebook page for proof). The collection of songs over on their official website shows a band with an incredibly diverse sound. From the Coral-esque ‘Fourteen’ to the minimal sounding but hauntingly stunning ‘Running to Pretend’ which demonstrates you don’t need mass production if you’ve got the talent.

This isn’t so much a review but an order for anyone who does happen to read this post to go and listen to this band.

Find out more at;

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