Sunday, 12 February 2012

Band of the Moment #3

So another week and another new band for you lot to check out. This time we’re heading out of the big smoke and heading into the countryside of Kent for ‘Gentlemen Duke’ and their irresistible country folk which will evidently lead to strong bouts of foot tapping and cider swigging (we think).

We first came across these guys last year during the ‘Glastonbury emerging talent contest’ and now sadly as with any band that sounds remotely folk they will face immediate comparisons to Mumford and Sons, but that’s unfair as Gentlemen Duke are from a copycat band. Their songs are far more punchy and energetic, and as the live recording of ‘Bad Man’ proves they can cut it out on the stage as well (particularly when it slips unnoticeably into an amazing cover of ‘Rolling in the Deep’, somehow Adele has never sounded better!). the collection of songs over on their facebook page represent the band at full steam, an irresistible compilation of punchy beats, melodies and storytelling that demonstrate exactly what is missing from chart music these days.

If we have to single one out as a favourite, then it would have to be the enticing beat and lyrics of ‘Calamity Jane’, commented that this one is reminiscent of the Coral at their best, and we would have to agree. However to choose a favourite is impossible as ‘Gentlemen Duke’ are a refreshing breath of air in an otherwise stale music scene. For sure, folk music isn’t a wildly celebrated genre but with bands such as ‘Gentlemen Duke’ forging the way then a full folk revival is just around the corner. They’re able to capture a sound that fits perfectly both in a tiny London pub venue or out in the middle of a festival field in the summer and if you can, catch them in both, you won’t be let down.

Check them out over at;

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