Sunday, 12 February 2012

French Crops debut single!

So before we move onto our next band of the week we’re revisiting the amazing ‘French Crops’ once more for their debut video and song, ‘The Avery’.

Filmed in a recording studio as the band play through the song, this is no elaborate video with a multi layered story line (we’re looking at you Ed Sheeran and your annoying debut video for ‘The A Team’) and you know why? Because the band don’t need to, they let their music do the talking and that’s all that matters. Starting with a bang, the drums and vocals create a chant that builds anticipation before the songs drops into a frenetic 3 minutes of pure rock and roll elegance that will leave you desperate for more. French Crops are coming out of the starting blocks with a blistering record and if they can keep up this level of energy in every record then we’re positive this is a band heading for success – Just remember, you heard them here first!

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