Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Cribs - Chi-Town Review

The Wakefield lads are back as a trio and today their first comeback single since Marr’s departure ‘Chi-Town’ was made public. It’s a record that signifies the third coming of the band and they’ve ditched the melodic rock that Marr brought to ‘City of Bugs’ and returned to their roots of distorted guitars and iconic riffs.
Stomping straight into the chorus the Jarman brothers are back with a vengeance. Yet perhaps it’s because I think that Johnny Marr is a God that this record just seems to be a little disappointing. Yes, it’s got the same formula as their first two albums which I loved but this just feels like it could have been a surplus record from either of them. A repetitive, catchy melody? Check. Ryan’s now traditional husky vocals? Check. Breakdown into an instantly recognisable riff? Check. All the ingredients are here for this to be another epic album but so far I feel a little let down with this comeback single.

For me The Cribs appear to have taken a step back, Johnny Marr’s influence has never been clearer, and rather than attempt a record that proves the trio are as great as we know they could be, they’ve slipped back into a time-proven routine. However it’s only been on my iPod for 10 minutes so it may yet grow on me, but at the moment when ‘In the Belly of the Brazen Bull’is released I’m not going to be rushing to but it.

Rating: 5/10

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