Monday, 13 February 2012

So on a day when twitter became alight with musically uneducated youngsters who firstly started the day asking who Bon Iver were (or ‘Bonny Bear’ as they believed they were called), followed by quite frankly a disturbing development when ‘Who is Paul McCartney’ began trending. I felt it was time to stick up a review of living legend, Jack White’s new solo single ‘Love interruption’ from forthcoming album ‘Blunderbuss’ . It also happens to coincide with his newly announced tour dates in March.

Now I certainly fall into the side of the fence who believe pretty much everything he touches is amazing but I’ll admit I was apprehensive when it was announced he would be ditching the collaborations and releasing a solo album. Even on first listen of ‘Love Interruption’ I still wasn’t convinced this was a move that would work out. A slow melody of an acoustic guitar and bitter lyrics of love, “I want love to murder my own mother” isn’t a particular pleasant image or great start. Yet put it on repeat and it changes your mind, it’s typical Jack White awesomeness, I particularly welcome the return of country blues!

Of course there are negatives, firstly it’s not completely solo – there are the delicate vocals of Ruby Amanfu but I’ll forgive him. There are also parts I’m not so keen on, particularly around the 1 minute 12 seconds mark where they cut the instruments and Jack and Ruby sing in unison but ‘Love Interruption’ is a departure from the distorted riffs and fuzz of the White Stripes and Dead Weather and if the album is following this acoustic country blues style then Mr White’s done it again!

Rating 8/10  

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