Saturday, 4 February 2012

Band of the Moment #2

So next up on our band of the moment list is fellow south Londoners ‘French Crops’. We first came across these lads earlier this week and were instantly hooked with the riff’s and extremely catchy beat of single, ‘Know How’. Usually with up and coming bands your able to recognise immediately the well known bands that have influenced them, however ‘French Crops’ provide something that feels comfortably similar yet also something which is new and exciting, these aren’t your regular run of the mill band.

If you head over to their facebook or reverbnation pages (links at the end of this!) you’ll discover two singles, ‘Know How’ and ‘Jack in the Box’. Both represent a band with a distinct sound, there’s a sense of funk in their music which you can’t help absorbing and wanting to move to. ‘Know How’ starts with the catchy riff and simple beat which works so well and keeps the song progressing, there’s something very Stone Roses-esque about the song as it slows down around the 2 minute mark before lighting up into a crescendo that we’re positive will be a live favourite. ‘Jack in the Box’ has an amazing bassline and drum beat which then provides a basis for the guitars and vocals to explore a different feel to ‘Know How’ which is why this is our favourite song by the lads. The chorus is simple and catchy; ensuring this is a loud, definitive sing-a-long and one we feel will be a fan favourite.

All in all we’re very glad to have found ‘French Crops’, we come across many bands on the social networking sites ranging from the bad to the sublime and thankfully these fall into the latter category. We’re yet to see these lads live so we can’t comment on that side but with songs this good we’re positive they won’t disappoint and look forward to catching them on the London circuit soon.

Check them out for yourselves over at;

and while you’re there show your support to get them on the Graham Coxon tour!

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