Sunday, 29 January 2012

Band of the Moment #1

So, first up in our (hopefully) weekly new segment ‘Band of the Moment’ is the London based, ‘The Vex’. We first saw these last weekend supporting the legendary indie icon Pete Doherty and were blown away by the energy and performance from these boys. Little did we realise that this was actually 4 members of previous Mixed Musings favourites (and the now defunct) KRAKATOA.

The band had captured the room within minutes, their Clash-esque rock and roll irresistible, especially in a moment when guitar music is in such dire straits. Fast, punchy songs intermingle with slow Ska moments have the room bouncing and jumping, had you walked in at that moment you would have believed this was actually the headline act of the evening.  

Officially launched this week, we’re glad to have been able to witness the first gig for The Vex as we’re sure within the year they’ll be massive. If bands like The Vaccines and Tribes can come from relative obscurity to full blown radio favourites then the Vex had better be prepared for the same. While it’s a shame to learn KRAKATOA have split, at least from the ashes of them an even better band have arrived. catch them now and spread the word.

Check out our favourite song ‘Invictus’ over on their soundcloud (we accept no responsibility for loss of hours listening to them.)

and connect with them at;
Facebook –
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MySpace –

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