Sunday, 4 March 2012

Band of the Moment #5

We know you’re probably (not) gutted that we missed last week’s best band of the moment blog, but never fear we’re back this week the delectable tones of ‘mylittlebrother’. Going against our usual preference of loud, brash, punchy, guitar driven anthems the calm and delicate songs from the band quickly found their way out of our speakers again and again.

Within the first half of mylittlebrother’s opening track, ‘Genevieve’ we knew this would be a band that we enjoy, fittingly perfect for this lazy Sunday afternoon we’re having. Simplicity is the key with their EP, and that is in no way a negative point, it’s proof that a well written song needn’t be over produced. The second track, Disney Films is probably our least favourite track but any doubts were soon washed away as the uplifting third track ‘Steve’ begins. From here the collection just grows and grows. From the piano led and firm favourite ‘Forty Eight, Blue Eyes’, with the soft background of distorted guitar combined with fuzzy vocals to the quicker foot-tapping melodies of ‘NoseDive’ with  harmonies that only serve to show off the beauty of mylittlebrothers story telling lyrics. 

A chance follow on twitter led us to discover these beautiful emotion filled songs, and we’ll be following the progress of mylittlebrother with great interest. If you’re a fan of folk music then you will love them, and if you’re not, then chances are you’ll probably love them anyway.

Check them out for yourselves on the links below and as always thoughts and comments are more than welcome!

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