Monday, 26 March 2012

The Vex - A Fools Desire

Firm Mixed Musings favourites ‘The Vex’ revealed their darker sounding vibe with new release ‘A Fools Desire’ today. The clash-esque style of the previous releases has edged away and a rougher, darker sound blasts out in this two minute beast.

They keep the ska edge which they play so well but when combined with possibly their strongest lyrical offering to date, along with the heavier bass lines and rockier concoction they’ve produced, in our opinion, their best single yet.

If you’re still yet to check out The Vex at the best – live on stage, then make sure you head down to the Camden Barfly next Thursday (5th April) and see for yourselves why they're the one of the best unsigned bands in dear old Blighty.

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