Friday, 9 March 2012

A skint Friday night waiting for summer...

Having spent all our money once again on tickets to more festivals than we should have (Benicassim taking the majority of the pot) along with the Stone Roses and Blur gigs we’re flat broke so are spending the night sat at home, watching the Ronnie Wood show.

Thankfully there’s nothing better than discovering new acts, so rather than wasting the evening we’ve going through the latest artists announced for our last festival of the year the amazing Bestival, and so far we’ve discovered a few new acts to check out when we’re there, but one we’ll most definitely be stopping by on is the stunning Nina Nesbitt.

Recently we’ve found ourselves leaning towards more acoustic, folk music – most probably due to this winter seemingly lasting forever, this kind of music just resonates sunshine, warmth and festivals. So we’re pleased to add another artist to our repertoire. She’s already built quite a following, bolstered no doubt by her current position of supporting Ed Sheeran (of which comparisons too are unavoidable). However we’re not that big on Ed, whereas so far Nina’s winning us over – especially when we learnt she’s only been gigging for less than a year! The cover of JME is unusual yet it kind of works, but what sets Miss Nesbitt apart are her own tracks, ‘Skeletons’, ‘Glue’ and ‘Noserings & Shoestrings’ our current favourites.

It’s discovering artists like this that make festivals so amazing and currently Bestival is the event we’re most looking forward to this summer, if your coming as well then check out the wonderful Nina Nesbitt, you won’t regret it.

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