Monday, 26 March 2012

Band of the Moment #6

It’s been a while since our last ‘Band of the Moment’ but we’re back with a fantastic new 4 piece who hail from Scotland – Edinburgh to be exact – ‘The Cosmonauts’.

With four recordings up on their reverbnation page you’ll soon become completely hooked with all of them like we did. The first single we heard, ‘Dawn Breaks’ opens us up the band with a cheery, summer-tinged record. A perfect accompaniment to the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in London. ‘Dawn Breaks’ offers a 60’s sounding vibe, with a hint of the Coral but the soft guitar riffs keep this fresh and modern. However any premonitions or pigeon holes you may have placed The Cosmonauts in are quickly blown away when the punky, rocky sounding ‘The Howl’ begins. Think of it as the love child of the White Stripes, The Pixies and early Kings of Leons – and any other beer soaked rock band you’ve encountered – in short, it’s epic.  Their Rockabilly sounds continue with ‘Tell Me’, but just when you think you have ‘The Cosmonauts’ vibe locked down up steps ‘Memoirs’ and the folksy country sound that floats out your speakers once again shatters your preconceptions.

This is an incredibly diverse band, probably the most diverse we’ve reviewed. The Cosmonauts really do offer something for everyone and we believe will constantly come up with the goods to please and surprise. Every artist we’ve put into the ‘Band of the Moment’ section we believe are heading for success but if The Cosmonauts aren’t a favoured choice of alternative music in the next few years then something’s seriously wrong.  We’re certainly going to be following these with great interest and hope they make the trip to London for a gig soon.

Check them out for yourselves here;

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