Saturday, 28 April 2012

Madison - a quick review

When this blog was started, one of the things I personally hoped for was it would simply mean I could discover new bands, if people liked the rubbish I wrote then that was an added advantage.

The fact the blog is now perilously close to hitting 2,000 page views has amazed me. Yet more outstanding are the bands we’ve been turned on to since starting. A few of them are ones we’ve stumbled upon but others are ones who’ve sent us messages and, in the likes of Madison, who sent us a link to their soundcloud page earlier this week it appears there’s not a shortage of fantastic, untapped, unsigned bands out there who just need some promotion.

The first song on their soundcloud was a piano led ‘Like Glue’ which is probably the most ‘pop’ friendly track we’ve heard so far. Lead singer Russell’s voice is fairly distinctive with a colloquial twang and when combined with the elegant piano means the whole song sways with an essence of the Frey’s ‘How To Save a Life’ which is a form that clearly works as that song was huge, and while this is not a style of music I personally like, you can’t say this is a bad track.

The next single ‘Armbands’ was a pleasant surprise, completely different to the first track this is far more like current indie faves ‘Twin Atlantic’ who also hail from bonny Scotland. It’s got everything that works; catchy lyrics you can sing along with, drums which you want to move to and instantly recognisable guitars. If the rest of their stuff is based on this then they could potentially be a good band. While ‘Like Glue’ is a good song, it just doesn’t seem right. ‘Armbands’ is far more your traditional and proven band sound, but there’s a reason why it’s  successful and as long as Madison keep to it, then they have strong potential - Keep going guys!

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