Sunday, 29 April 2012

Band of the Moment #8

So April rolls on and we’re back with another band for you all to check out. The summer infused Mayfly’s who come from Kingston-upon-Thames are the perfect band to brighten up these awful rainy days we’ve had recently.

With 11 tracks over on their Soundcloud page, we had enough to gain a clear insight into this wonderful band. Aurelie Konter’s vocals sound a lot like a Kate Nash infused with Lily Allen - a very easy listening voice that you struggle not to fall in love with, while the guitars, bass and drums flow together to create fun and feel good records. Opening track ‘My Doll’ is an indie pop-tastic treat, it has an underlying base of pure funk and soul – themes which are brought much more to the fore in ‘Don't Mind If I Don't’ , ‘Daft Punk Medley’ and ‘Hold On Care’. The more you listen to this band the more you like them – they’re also give a truly international feel with tracks like ‘La Española’ and ‘Guacamole’.

There’s nothing to dislike about this band. They give a sense of not taking things too seriously and just general fun through their records (which, if other reviews are true, is also how they are in person). So if you are, like me, sick of this wet and miserable weather and are longing for sunny days and summer then have a listen to the Mayfly’s and you’ll soon find yourself drifting off into a better place.

Check them out;

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