Sunday, 22 April 2012

Band of the Moment #7

Our next hottest band is in the shape of the four piece all female, ‘Pins’ hailing from Manchester. These have been on every major site out there in the blogosphere recently so it’s only fair we do the same, which I’m sure they’re over the moon about. Probably.

Having only one song recorded makes this slightly harder to back up, but these are going to be huge.  Such is the hype of these girls already that it rivals the wave that built up in the few months before ‘The Vaccines’ broke through last year.  On first listen of ‘Eleventh Hour’ I was amazed, Warpaint remain my favourite girl group in years, and ‘Pins’ are similar in the way their psych-esque, distorted guitars, and epic riffs float over the thumping and capturing drum beat.  Faith Holgate’s haunting vocals become almost a choral chant entrancing you in to this song further, until suddenly it’s over. Leaving you wanting more. Much more.

I hope they can transfer this epic song to the live stage, and that the rest of their catalogue matches the level of ‘Eleventh Hour’ but I’m positive they will be and will definitely be in attendance at their next London gig. Follow them now, go and see them if you can because I promise you, by the end of 2012 they’ll be massive.

Check them out;

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