Saturday, 2 June 2012

Band of the Moment #10

So after a lengthy lay off thanks to work commitments, university work and other things there’s been no time to update the blog which is a shame! However we’re back now with yet another awesome band for you all to check out.  This week’s band of the moment, Ded Rabbit, are 4 brothers from Scotland who offer up infectious indie-pop.

Claiming the likes of Hendrix, QOTSA and Led Zep as influences I immediately liked the sound of this band of brothers. First single on the band page was ‘The Three Tones’ which is a catchy guitar driven tune and with a big riff that kicks in mid way through the song it immediately hooked us onto their sound. Next up was ‘Run’ with an intro reminiscent of Silent Alarm by Bloc Party the song is a slower more melodic single than Three Tones yet with lyrics and a chorus that you’ll be singing along with after a few listens this is a big single. By the time we reach ‘We Could Be Free’ its evident Ded Rabbit are no flash in the pan band copying every other band. Instead they’re offering up much more and this is by far their best record. Instantly catchy guitar riffs hook you in, while the Ryan Jarmin-esque vocals are the gateway to clever and meaningful lyrics, perhaps it is the vocals but this song is very reminiscent of early Cribs. Final song, ‘Elm Row’ was a massive curveball as instead of guitars or drums leading the way it was a saxophone – while I like a band who are innovative it just didn’t work for me. That’s not to say it’s a terrible song, I just think the boys need to stick to the funk infused guitar sounds which work so well on the other three songs.

Laid back vocals, big drums and funky guitar riffs – Ded Rabbit offer everything we want in a band and if they keep this up then they will no doubt be a band making waves in the indie world. The brothers offer something different to every run of the mill band and it will be something like this that finally breaks the stranglehold pop music has on the charts. Despite only having four songs up this is a great intro into the band. Keep it up guys!

Check them out for yourselves over at;

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